Technisoft is an IT Consulting and Recruiting firm that strives to provide its clients with complete IT solutions through various industry and technology practices. Technisoft prides itself on hiring the best IT professionals, and has a long and successful history in providing the very best teams of information technology professionals to Fortune 1000 companies. Our Employees work hard to deliver quality information systems products, consulting services, and project solutions. And with our offshore locations, we can work on your project 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Is your organization looking for solutions to business problems such as lack of trained resources, delayed executions, inability to keep up with rapid technological changes or labor shortages? We can provide solutions to all your staffing and resource issue through unsurpassed service, rapid turnaround and cost-competitive services.

Project Solutions

Technisoft offers an array of professional services spanning business process analysis, application development, quality assurance, and ongoing support. Technisoft professional follow a rigorous methodology to ensure customer requirements are met on time and within budget.